The Importance of Feedback

Above is a link to an article that highlights the importance of feedback for effective communication. It’s a nice read. If you can, get back to me with your thoughts!


How to Make Business Meetings More Effective

Ever been to a business meeting that was really boring? Here are some tips to help avoid that.

  • Determine whether the meeting is really necessary.
    • If the meeting isn’t necessary, the audience won’t pay attention.  Therefore, the meeting is bound to be boring.
  • Be punctual
    • Think about this. If you’re holding a meeting and someone is late, you decide to wait on them to start the meeting. What kind of message does that send to the people who were on time?
  • Be wary of recapping for newcomers
    • By recapping for people who came in late, you’re basically starting the meeting over. This will kill the morale of the meeting.

By following some of these tips you will be able to hold more effective business meetings.

The Importance of Color in Communication

The use of color in communication is vitally important. Colors are used in communication everyday and we don’t even think about it.  Whenever you pull up to a street light, color are used to communicate with us and we don’t even realize it.  Red light means stop, green means go, and yellow means use caution. They all make your brain think of different things when you seem them which can be a very helpful tool to use in business communication. For example, Red is an attention getting color. So, if your sending out an important memo or something, red might be a good color to use for the title font.

Are Daily Fantasy Sports Gambling?

A controversial topic in business today is whether daily fantasy sports should be considered gambling or not. They are currently considered a skill based strategy game as opposed to a game of chance. however,  there have been some signs that this game may become illegal in the near future. There has been talk about making it illegal in New York and also some investigations of cheating by a fan duel employee.  Here is a link that tells that story.

Think what you may, but I personally believe after using it for a while that it truly is skill based but may also be gambling as you have to put your own money into it.


Above is the link to a website for the application called Peeple.  This is an app that will be coming out soon.  It will replicate the already establish application called yelp. It will be different than yelp in the sense that you rate people instead of businesses. In my personal opinion, this app is bound to create a lot of controversy and will not be successful. How will it stop things like racism and just offensive things in general?

Destroying Christmas?

These red Starbucks cups have stirred up great controversy recently. They have been called overly politically correct and aimed to destroy Christmas.  Personally I think they are just red cups and a good sight around Christmas time. No reason to create controversy.

What are your thoughts?


Perception is hugely important in business communication.  Whether your boss is reading an email, your giving a presentation, or meeting your colleagues  for the first time it’s important that you they understand and perceive you well.  Wrong perceptions are fueled by ignorance and misunderstanding. In this post I would like to talk about a case of wrong perception that may not be highly business related but is important to me. This case is with Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. Here is a link that explains the misconception of Cam Newton.

Cam Newton is perceived ignorantly by many people outside of the Carolinas. People believe he is arrogant and disrespectful with his touchdown celebrations and on the field antics.  I don’t use that word ignorant as an insult, it is meant to represent the fact that people just don’t know him yet.  What you see and think at first is not really Cam Newton, on or off the field.  This directly relates to business perception.  It is vital that colleagues, bosses, and all business people take you seriously and have a good perception of you in order to succeed.